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Our vision is to make it simple to get online.
Here's what our customers think:

• I love your software and have been looking for an easy way to design my own website the way I want it to look.

• i think its briliant especially for someone like me who dont know a thing about building websites ect and i love to be able to move things around without having to pay someone to do it

• I love the program and I'm very pleased with its ease of use, I was able to create the site over the weekend (only two days) it's been wonderful.

• Hello, so far i LOVE circle pad. its an amazing program.

• I love the fact that now I can pick whatever color I want with the eyedropper-super cool! I love the menus. Big time saver.

• I haven't had a chance to play with the videos yet... but it looks as intuitive as everything else... And I was also pleasantly surprised to see animated Gifs with transparencies... that's amazing!

• i saw u'r website i loved how its simply and easy to make

• Once it got to the point where it started building the site I thought this is amazing. For someone who is used to making the links the old way it was a Wow! moment.

• I love the fact with CirclePad I can do whatever I want without paying for changes or asking for help!

• I've been using to build my website and just recently bought the 12 month pro package. Loving it so far.

• I've been building a website in Circlepad. I love the program. It's simple but lets you build a pretty pro-looking site without much know-how. Thanks!

• I am quite excite when I found circlepad, as it is really easy to use to creat my home page.

• This has been very easy to work with, and the video tutorials have been very helpful as well. This is a great product! It has been a blast using it and discovering new things. I am 50 years old with general computer experience but this makes it easy for me.

• I already have two pro accounts with circlepad and have been messing around with them, learning the ropes. Your platform is incredibly easy to use, and the best I've seen

• I'm very happy with the CirclePad interface... Let me tell you, I think your program is brilliant!

• The reason why I am emailing you is to let you know just how pleased I still am with CirclePad. I am literally blown away of how user friendly and professional that your site is. Makes my life so much more efficient and with no waiting time for our own web guy!

• I have been using circle pad for the past few days and think it's amazing and powerful. I could not get the look from the others I have tried they were way to limiting.

• I love the improvements to CirclePad it makes it so much easier and fun to use! The new templates are a great.

• Again, I do really appreciate the quick response time and I do love the flexibility of being able to do my site my way without having all sorts of limiting parameters. So thank you for that!

• Hello, first i would like to start off and say that circlepad may be the greatest tool for web design i have ever seen, in one day i found it, used it, fell in love, and signed up for pro.

• I am a very proud new circlpadPRO customer!! I love your tools!!!!!!!!!!

• I'm connecting my domain over to circle pad because it's very simple with great results.

• CirclePad is the most amazing, intuitive and fast web design tool I have ever seen. Creating a website used to take me days with Photoshop,Dreamweaver, HTML, FTP etc now it takes me with circlepad minutes and you dont even need to think of any of the complicated stuff.

• I tried building a webpage through circlepad and found it simple and it looked professional.

• Your site is truly awesome for someone like me who doesn't care to learn all of the coding, and everything else there is to know about the backend of websites.

• We LOVE what you're doing with Circlepad and the feedback on our web site has been so positive.

• I like CirclePad, easy to use and easy to understand.

• I really love circle pad.

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Create Your Own Website
Video music by Jssystem, simply electro CirclePad is the easy way to create your own web site. Avoid HTML and CSS with our advanced web site maker to build your web page and get your vision online. Create a custom design or use templates in an easy simple workflow. CirclePad is easily read by all search engines combined with an online flash website. With Circlepad you don't need expensive editing programs, you can do the creation of simple graphics yourself. Use CirclePad Free or sign up for CirclePad Pro for a personal domain name and business site features. Make a web page yourself today! Video music by Jssystem, simply electro. CirclePadTM ©, CirclePad PlusTM ©, CirclePad ProTM ©, CirclePad UnlimitedTM © are copyright and trademark by CirclePad 2007-2011.